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Kirstibot Strikes Again

Secretly, my favourite thing is the ‘What Would I Say’ site (www.what-would-i-say.com). Every few weeks someone will post a link from this website, which compiles past Facebook statuses, jumbles them together and generates… Continue reading

I Should Have Said I’m Sorry

The best thing about a mum is having the sheets tucked in just right. Mum was a pile of laundry on a Sunday, and it wasn’t the same in the summer. Just like… Continue reading

On Activism, And The Man Who Came In My Eye.

Seated on Mumbai’s bloated shoreline, a man called Omar told me he wanted to be a Bollywood star. “But not all wishes become true,” he said sadly, already afflicted by the soap-opera insincerity… Continue reading

To The Top

There are times in our lives when we run out of things to say. Yep, even me. The last week or so, I have struggled. I love my blog and the sense of… Continue reading


My parents were in love in a small town in Nepal. On the edge of a lake, in the cup of the held hands of the Himalayas, they skinny-dipped in waters now infested… Continue reading