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Literary Legacy: Marvellous Marian

The first time I bought a Marian Keyes novel with my own money, I sobbed. So hard my boyfriend (at the time) had to lead me to a bench and sit me down… Continue reading

For Ian Gordon

It was via a text message earlier in the week that I was informed of the passing of Ian Gordon. I only met Ian once. It was only a few months ago when… Continue reading

In Memory of Sarah Broom

It was with a mild hangover and a brimming heart that I greeted the day following my first writers festival reading. I attended a great many luminous events, but read as part of… Continue reading


I write this entry the day after my mother’s birthday, on which I, as so often, begged her back. My mother was not only the first woman I loved, she was also the… Continue reading

These Fires

We have been cold to the bone. And even under the hot stream of the shower, we don’t know how to get warm again. So it is, with love. We have been loved… Continue reading

Of Monsters

You’ve started seeing monsters. The first was made out of shadows and reams of VHS tape, a static squiggle slinking into a weatherboard house on Mt Eden Road. It was innocent but dark.… Continue reading

Hogwarts as a Post-Grad Dip, or, Doctor, Take me Away

Every time I move house I ensure that my room has space for the Tardis. Doctor Who fans know what I mean. I spend a lot of time with my imagination, which is… Continue reading

My Week in Books

I’ve decided to post a weekly round-up of the books I’ve read. I believe whole-heartedly that being a good writer means being a good reader, so I read like a fiend! People often… Continue reading

All That Glitters: Gender Politics and the Case for Catton

I’m all for geek-chic. Indeed I would consider myself a rocker of the look. Bookish and quirky are attributes that people may well see in me. But in no way are they the… Continue reading

Choices, Choices

You know a poetry scene is alive and well when you have to choose which event to attend! This has happened to me twice this week. Well done Auckland! It’s a good problem… Continue reading