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My Year in Books

It’s been a big year of everything for me this year, but particularly literature. I spoke at my first (and second) literary festivals, completed my second year of a creative writing degree, met… Continue reading

My Week in Books

There’s nothing like a spot of sickness to make you appreciate the power of the written word. I stack my books on my nightstand, but they tend to work their way into my… Continue reading

My Week in Books

It’s been a busy week in Kirsti-world with poetry meetings and events left, right and centre, as well as rehearsals for an upcoming collaborative piece. And unfortunately it’s also been a slightly disappointing… Continue reading

My Week in Books

Though I’m not sure that this book taught me how to change the world, it certainly educated me about the injustices within it. The book focuses on the plight of women world-over, but… Continue reading

WOMAN: A Collection of Absurdist Monologues

In case you haven’t noticed, I am quite into this whole ‘being a woman’ thing. Or, if this is your first time reading my blog: I’m quite into this whole ‘being a woman’… Continue reading