Monthly Archive: November, 2013

To The Top

There are times in our lives when we run out of things to say. Yep, even me. The last week or so, I have struggled. I love my blog and the sense of… Continue reading


My parents were in love in a small town in Nepal. On the edge of a lake, in the cup of the held hands of the Himalayas, they skinny-dipped in waters now infested… Continue reading

My Week in Books

There’s nothing like a spot of sickness to make you appreciate the power of the written word. I stack my books on my nightstand, but they tend to work their way into my… Continue reading

The Ways We Fall Out (Of Love)

Memory is a funny thing. It’s a little bit like grief. We process something until it stops being what it was, and starts being what we needed it to be. I remember riding… Continue reading

My Week in Books

It’s been a busy week in Kirsti-world with poetry meetings and events left, right and centre, as well as rehearsals for an upcoming collaborative piece. And unfortunately it’s also been a slightly disappointing… Continue reading

Of Monsters

You’ve started seeing monsters. The first was made out of shadows and reams of VHS tape, a static squiggle slinking into a weatherboard house on Mt Eden Road. It was innocent but dark.… Continue reading

Poetry Live Presents: RAGER

Every now and again you experience art that makes you yearn to be better. When I see Jahra Rager perform I am transported. And… erm… jealous. Mostly transported, though, by her incomparable talent… Continue reading

Hogwarts as a Post-Grad Dip, or, Doctor, Take me Away

Every time I move house I ensure that my room has space for the Tardis. Doctor Who fans know what I mean. I spend a lot of time with my imagination, which is… Continue reading

My Week in Books

Though I’m not sure that this book taught me how to change the world, it certainly educated me about the injustices within it. The book focuses on the plight of women world-over, but… Continue reading