Monthly Archive: October, 2013

On Fathers, Feminism and Memory

I was nine. My mother’s knee was a trunk that her hands tucked me into, desperate and maternal. I remember the way she leaned over me, as if her body could protect me… Continue reading

My Week in Books

I’ve decided to post a weekly round-up of the books I’ve read. I believe whole-heartedly that being a good writer means being a good reader, so I read like a fiend! People often… Continue reading

WOMAN: A Collection of Absurdist Monologues

In case you haven’t noticed, I am quite into this whole ‘being a woman’ thing. Or, if this is your first time reading my blog: I’m quite into this whole ‘being a woman’… Continue reading

When it Happened to Me.

This piece can now be read here:

All That Glitters: Gender Politics and the Case for Catton

I’m all for geek-chic. Indeed I would consider myself a rocker of the look. Bookish and quirky are attributes that people may well see in me. But in no way are they the… Continue reading

Choices, Choices

You know a poetry scene is alive and well when you have to choose which event to attend! This has happened to me twice this week. Well done Auckland! It’s a good problem… Continue reading

Awake. Aware. Alive. Ursula Rucker.

To describe Ursula Rucker as a spoken word artist is to label her in a way she rejects. “I do poetry,” she says. “I’m a poet. Sometimes I do poetry to music. If… Continue reading

Ursula Rucker – Queen of Spoken Word

I CANNOT wait for international rockstar poet Ursula Rucker’s only performance in Aotearoa. After a great workshop with her this evening I am incredibly excited to see her in action. Rucker is incredibly… Continue reading

Poets Below the Line

Last Monday I was honoured to be part of an event called Poets Below the Line, presented as the wrap-up party for the Global Poverty Movement’s ‘Live Below the Line’ campaign. I haven’t… Continue reading

2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts

I am so disgusted by this image, of badges at a recent Republican convention (full details here) that I am, for once, rendered close to speechless. The statements with regard to Hilary Clinton… Continue reading